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How It Works

Discover the Power of Free Patient Samples. Sign up now and unlock a world of over-the-counter brands that can enrich your patients' well-being. Gain exclusive access to complimentary samples delivered straight to your office. Empowering care, one sample at a time, for healthier lives.


Click "Register" on the top right of website

In order to request free samples, you must first register and create and account.


Fill out the registration form

Once you click "Register" it will redirect you to a registration form where you will enter in all required information.


Create an Account

Once you finished the registration form, you will be redirected to creating an Account through our website.


Now you can Request Free Samples!

Once the registration form and account page is filled out, you will have everything you need to begin requesting your samples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need additional help?

Need additional help?

Contact our live customer service team to help you with any questions you or your patients may have.