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Welcome to, where healthcare providers can easily request free samples of over-the-counter health and wellness products for their patients. We understand the importance of providing the best care to your patients, and our platform is designed to make the sample ordering process quick and hassle-free.


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In order to request free samples, you must first register and create and account.


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Once you click "Register" it will redirect you to a registration form where you will enter in all required information.


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Why Order Samples Through Us?

Quick & Free

Our goal is to make requesting samples both quick and free so you can get back to your patients.

Quality Products

All our samples have gone through a review process to be included. However, we post all scientific and quality information for you to review just to be sure.

One Stop Shop

One central place for you to request all we your over-the-counter samples making getting samples quick and easy.

Samples for your Patients

We are committed to supporting healthcare providers in delivering exceptional care to their patients. Our platform was created with the goal of simplifying the sample request process, saving you time, and ensuring that you have access to the latest health and wellness products for your office.

Savings for your Patients

We understand the significance of cost-effective healthcare, and our mission is to empower your patients to make informed decisions about their well-being without breaking the bank. When you hand out the samples to patients, you will also provide them coupons that are on the samples. Patients can easily redeem these coupons online or participating retailers, making it a seamless process to access the full-sized product they loved in the sample. These coupons offer an opportunity for patients to experience the benefits of the samples and continue their journey to better health with savings on future purchases.

Recommend with Confidence

We understand that recommending products to your patients is a responsibility that requires confidence in both safety and efficacy. That's why we are committed to providing healthcare providers with high-quality samples, some of which are clinically proven to deliver results. Our team of experts carefully curates a wide range of over-the-counter health and wellness products from reputable brands. As a healthcare provider, you can confidently recommend these samples to your patients. With our platform, you can easily access product information, clinical data, and studies to empower informed decisions for your patients’ well-being.